Research and its practical implications for business English training

An online panel webinar with Helen Spencer-Oatey, Alessia Cogo, and Nicola Perry

IATEFL BESIG is privileged to be hosting a panel webinar with the two 30th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference plenary speakers, Helen Spencer-Oatey and Alessia Cogo, as well as IATEFL ReSIG's Nicola Perry on Sunday, 27 August at 3pm UK time.

The panel webinar will offer a glimpse of what is to come at BESIG's 30th annual conference held in cooperation with IATEFL ReSIG from 10 through 12 November 2017 at the Salini Resort, Salina Bay, Malta.

Plenary speakers Helen Spencer-Oatey and Alessia Cogo will be joined by Nicola Perry to serve up a small taste of what you can expect by attending this year's conference. The conference theme, "Evidence-based practices: what the data tell us about business English" is sure to appeal to both BESIG and ReSIG members. 

Helen Spencer-Oatey from the University of Warwick will discuss "Culture, language and business relations: recent research and practical implications" and Alessia Cogo from Goldsmiths and University of London will look at "Business English as a Lingua Franca: from research implications to practical applications". Nicola Perry, representing IATEFL ReSIG, will give a sampling of pre-conference seminars to be delivered by Sarah Mercer and Daniel Xerri.

The complete program of speakers for the conference will be published shortly.

This is your chance to register for the conference and take advantage of the discounted earlybird registration which is offered until 1 September.

Read about what to expect from the conference's plenary and keynote speakers by clicking on the following flyer links:

IATEFL BESIG members and non-members alike are most welcome to join us for this free webinar.

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This webinar will take place on Sunday, 27th of August 2017, at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST.

See the world clock converter to find out what time this will be in your time zone. 

The workshop will be moderated by members of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team. 

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This discussion will be recorded and the link to the recording will subsequently be posted on this page.

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