Walking the Fine Line between Coaching and Training

An online weekend workshop with Dana Poklepovic

Finding the best instructional method is key to achieve the desire learning of students. In the Business English field, we talk about training and coaching students. However, the terms tend to be used indistinctly.

In this workshop we will discuss the difference between training and coaching in a BE setting. Then, we will analyze the approach and goals pursued by each method will finally explore some coaching tools that we can use to empower Business English learners.

IATEFL BESIG members and non-members alike are most welcome.

Dana Poklepovic

Dana Poklepovic is a communication skills, Business English trainer and certified ontological coach. She has taught Business English for over 20 years in Argentina and Santiago de Chile and translated for the United Nations Development Program in New York. She holds a PhD in Modern Languages, a Business English Training certificate by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a Translation degree by UCA. Dana runs a language consulting firm that provides training services to companies and freelance professionals in Argentina. Her current interest is to design programs to develop interpersonal skills in BE courses through experiential learning and coaching tools.

This panel discussion will take place on Saturday, 6th of August 2016, at 3pm UK time / 4pm CEST.

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The workshop will be moderated by members of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team. 

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