Going from a Freelance Language Teacher to an Independent Language Provider

An IATEFL BESIG weekend workshop with Ron Morrain

The A to Zs - Essential business knowledge from starters to real daily business skills:

  • What is a language services provider?
  • Career development or self-direction?
  • Benchmarking for success (What’s out there?)
  • Product development and formatting your product
  • USP – Unique selling point
  • Technology and language services
  • Finding your niche in the market
  • Skills and competencies of a language services provider (Filling in the blanks)
  • HR skills needed for success
  • Business cycles in the language services industry
  • Business plan
  • Money – Operational costs versus personal living costs
  • Time management (Time really is money!)
  • Networking your ideas and products
  • Marketing your product
  • The offer – Your entry into business
  • The contract – Backbone of your business
  • TQM, ROI, and your image as a language services provider
  • Lessons learned and best practices (My personal experience)
  • Q&A session


Ron Morrain is an American (Houston, Texas), and is currently living and working in Germany. He is co-founder and Director of Studies at the Language Learning Center Duisburg. He has been active in HRD for over 30 years internationally as a manager and consultant. He has had projects in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Geneva, and Düsseldorf. Ron speaks three languages fluently (English, German, and Spanish), with some survival French and Greek.

This workshop will take place on Sunday, 1st of May 2016, at 3pm GMT / 4pm UK time / 5pm CEST.

See the world clock converter to find out what time this will be in your time zone. 

The workshop will be moderated by members of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team. 

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