You have no business teaching Business English, or do you?

An online panel discussion with Rob Howard, Karin Heuert Galvão, Louise Potter and Chris Rush

Today’s Business English clients are much more demanding than in the past. Many are making more and more demands on the profile of their teachers. Must they be native speakers? Must they have a business background? Should they have business experience? Is being a good English teacher enough?

The panel will present their ideas based upon years of experience dealing with this dilemma and the answers just might surprise you. Join with us as Rob Howard moderates a lively discussion with Karin Heuert Galvão, Louise Potter and Chris Rush covering the different aspects of Business English teaching that are often overlooked, and perhaps, should be re-evaluated before offering to teach a business client.

The webinar will take to the web on Saturday, 2nd of April, at 3pm UTC / GMT.


Rob Howard is the owner of Online Language Center, a live online course for C1/C2 level students specializing in Business, Legal and Academic English.  He is a teacher, tutor, trainer, material designer, blogger and writer for English as a foreign language. He is also a consultant and has been a frequent speaker internationally, both in-person and online, regarding online retention and online presentation skills as well as using technology in and out of the classroom.
Rob is the founder of EFLtalks, webinars for teachers, utilizing his business background and social media to build a worldwide PLN+ for new, existing and future language teachers. Through a growing archive of 10-minute videos by international professionals recorded during live webevents, experienced teachers may pass on their knowledge, tools, ideas and products to a new generation of education professionals through
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S., he is currently residing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You may e-mail him at


Karin Heuert Galvão has worked for nearly 16 years as an EFL teacher and 8 years as Director of i-Study Interactive Learning, a language school based in São Paulo, Brazil. She holds, among others, the CELTA and IH Certificate in Online Tutoring. She has been working developing courses for children, teenagers and adults, but focuses her time on developing face-to-face and online courses for companies and teachers.
During her career, Karin has always participated in conferences, webinars and finds that being part of a community has helped her improve as a teacher and professional.
She has worked with several multinational companies based in Brazil, helping their employees to develop as speakers of English and assisting them in negotiations as well. Some of the companies she has worked with are Gerresheimer, Würth & The Marketing Store.
She is also a supervisor for the Cambridge Exams, a member of the Advisory board of EFLtalks and is always looking for opportunities to teach, learn and share ideas.

Louise Emma Potter has been working in the education field for more than 25 years. She was born in England and has being living in Brazil  for a very long time. She graduated in Advertising and Marketing from E. S. P. M. and has since then applied her knowledge in the Education area, having as area of expertise  teacher training and teacher development. She worked as a coordinator for 12 years leading a team of teachers for a well known language school and now leads her own business at Teach-in Education developing the professional growth of language teachers in private  and language schools through workshops and training sessions.
Presenting webinars is a way she has found to help develop teachers skills and is a presenter at EFL Talks. She is the author of the Young learners series of English books at Somos Educação writing for Sistema Anglo de Ensino, she  is also the co author of Paddy the Jelly and Green House series from Pearson and of the following books edited by Disal:  Atividades de vídeos para o ensino de Inglês, Atividades com música para o Ensino de Inglês , Guia para o Ensino de Língua Estrangeira e Atividades com Jogos para o Ensino de inglês.