The future of business English

An online panel discussion with Jennie Wright, Mike Hogan, Mercedes Viola and Pete Rutherford

IATEFL BESIG is proud to announce that its first online event for 2016 will be a 4-person panel discussion on Sunday, 10 January 2016. The topic of this one-hour interactive exchange will be the future of business English training.

The panelists for this discussion are Jennie Wright, Mike Hogan, Mercedes Viola and Pete Rutherford.

IATEFL BESIG members and non-members alike are most welcome.



Jennie Wright is a teacher, presenter, blogger and ELT author based in Germany. With over 15 years of experience in language teaching, her blog features free professional development resources for teachers. She also co-authored Experimental Practice in ELT: Walk on the wild side with Christina Rebuffet-Broadus which is published by

Her experience in business English goes back over 15 years, where she started teaching Japanese business men in Tokyo. She is now embedded with 100 German software engineers at an international company.

When not teaching, she enjoys mentoring new ELT writers to contribute articles to the ELTAS News (Stuttgart ELTA).