Making the most of monologues: From personal anecdotes to professional storytelling

A workshop with Susan Hillyard

We live in a storytelling world but, as teachers, we are rarely taught how to write and tell stories to our classes, be they Young Learners, Teens  or Adults. Everybody loves a good story whether they are learning basic English, business English or content based English. This interactive webinar will suggest that all teachers would do well to develop the two main components of storytelling, those of body and voice skills plus intriguing content to grab the hearts and minds of listeners. We will look at the value of stories for learning and practise converting personal anecdotes through stories into near professional monologues.

Susan has work experience in seventeen countries as a teacher, Head of Department, Director, speaker, workshop facilitator, consultant, researcher, Professor and on-line tutor. She was Prof. Language IV in Lenguas Vivas and UTN Teacher Training Colleges, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has co-authored  a Resource Book for Teachers Global Issues for OUP and also TDI-TKT On-line Course for Pearson, New York. She has been involved  with two Theatre in Education troupes, based in Buenos Aires, as diction teacher, backstage hand and as an adviser. Presently Susan is  author and  tutor on-line for the Masters in ELT for Language and Globalisation  at La Sabana University, Colombia,   Coordinator, English in Action, teaching English through Drama  in Special Education, Ministry of Education, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This workshop will take place on Sunday, 6th of September 2015, at 3pm UK time / 4pm CEST.

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The workshop will be moderated by members of the IATEFL BESIG Online Team. 

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