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Call for Nominations: BESIG Coordinator

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Event dates: 01 April 2017 - 15 September 2017
Publication date: April 01, 2017
City: Online

The current IATEFL BESIG Coordinator, Julia Waldner, stepped down at the IATEFL Glasgow conference in April 2017.

To ensure a smooth handover for this important volunteer role we are now inviting nominations for the position from those current BESIG members with extensive BESIG knowledge and experience. The elected candidate will formally take over as BESIG Coordinator in the second half of 2017. The incoming coordinator will receive an induction that will include information about all aspects of the role. The IATEFL BESIG committee currently has five other members, all of whom are also volunteers. The committee is in constant contact by email and social media, so regular access to the internet is essential to be able to participate as an active committee member. The BESIG Coordinator is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the following tasks are undertaken (either personally or delegated to a committee member):

General responsibilities

  • Maintain contact with the IATEFL Trustees and Head Office (HO), the SIGs & Publications Officer, the editor of IATEFL Voices, the SIG Representative and other SIG Coordinators, to inform them of events and activities and the general organisational and financial situation of the SIG
  • Set up the agenda and chair regular BESIG committee meetings
  • Oversee the calendar of SIG events both online and face-to-face during the year
  • Prepare two reports a year, in mid-May and mid-October and submit these to the SIG Representative and SIGs & Publications Officer
  • Prepare an annual budget (and if necessary a PCE budget at the same time) and submit it to IATEFL HO each July (the IATEFL financial year runs from 1 Sept to 31 Aug)
  • Send minutes of committee meetings to committee members, IATEFL HO and the SIG Representative
  • Write the monthly eBulletin, the quarterly column for Voices and the From the Coordinator for the BESIG Newsletter three times a year
  • Attend, or send a representative (normally a committee member), to all SIG Coordinators’ meetings. These meetings are held at the annual conference (3-4 hours late afternoon/evening), in June (one day in Faversham) and in October (weekend meeting in Faversham)
  • Delegate duties – including some of those listed above and below - to other committee members and follow up with action points and status.

SIG website & webinars 

  •  Maintain contact with the BESIG webmaster to ensure that the website is kept up-to-date
  • Maintain regular contact with IATEFL HO and the BESIG webmaster to ensure that SIG events are effectively promoted.

Advertising, sponsorship and social media presence

  • Ensure that the BESIG PR person obtains sponsorship for BESIG events
  • Oversee the social media presence of BESIG and ensure regular communication with SIG members.

Mailings to members

  • Ensure that SIG members receive informational mailings (including newsletters) a year
  • Liaise with the newsletter editor and IATEFL HO on the production of the SIG newsletter Business Issues
  • Submit articles for inclusion in the ‘Focus on the SIGs’ pages in IATEFL Voices and the eBulletin
  • Ensure regular communication is undertaken with SIG members through IATEFL HO.

Pre-Conference Event

  • Together with the committee decide on the topic of the Pre-Conference Event (PCE). Submit a budget for approval to HO and help in the organisation of the event.
  • Attend and support committee members in the delivery of the PCE to delegates.

IATEFL Annual Conference

  • Attend all five days of the Annual Conference (including PCE day) and participate in the SIG PCE, the SIG Day, the SIG Coordinators’ meeting, the SIG Open Forum and the AGM
  • Decide on the selection of presentations to be included in the BESIG programme at the annual IATEFL conference
  • Ensure that presentations are selected to be included in the SIG day
  • Ensure that a SIG Open Forum takes place and write an agenda. Ensure that slides are prepared
  • Ensure that the SIGs past and future activities are publicised, new members are recruited, active participation in the SIG Committee is encouraged and contributions for future newsletters are solicited.

Everyday work and expenses

Day-to-day committee issues are discussed collectively by email or in virtual meetings, thus cutting down considerably on the need to travel to face-to-face meetings. Administrative support is provided by IATEFL HO. Expenses for travel to meetings within the UK, as well as accommodation and subsistence costs following current guidelines, are met by IATEFL. If living outside the UK, the Coordinator should be able to attend meetings in the UK at a reasonable cost. All expenses details are available on request.

Essential skills, qualities and experience

Candidates for the role of BESIG Coordinator should have:

  • leadership qualities
  • proven classroom-based experience in teaching business English
  • evidence of professional commitment to the teaching of business English
  • demonstrable ability to act as a key representative at high profile events
  • evidence of project management skills including meeting deadlines
  • experience of engaging and communicating with geographically dispersed teams
  • organisational ability
  • good interpersonal skills
  • intercultural competence
  • vision and diplomacy
  • a strong commitment to IATEFL
  • knowledge of and past contribution to BESIG
  • a minimum of three years’ membership of BESIG

If you are interested in putting yourself forward please complete and return the nomination form.

You should also submit a personal statement of between 100 and 150 words explaining your reasons for standing, what you hope to achieve and contribute to the position and why you think you should be chosen. Candidates should also mention previous experience and contribution to the BESIG. Please also ensure you state clearly on the personal statement all other professional affiliations you hold and possible conflicts of interest (e.g. if the candidate is already working for another SIG, IATEFL Committee or an institution).

Please submit your nomination form and statement by no later than Friday, 15 September 2017. Once all the nomination forms have been collected, the statements by the candidates will be posted on the IATEFL BESIG website. In the case of more than one candidate for the position, electronic elections will take place between 17 - 29 September 2017 through online voting administered by IATEFL.

Note (1 August 2017): There have recently been a few questions on social media about why a second call for nominations has been put out for the position of BESIG Coordinator. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the situation.

In the first call, IATEFL BESIG received one application for the BESIG Coordinator position by the nomination deadline. This application was a joint application and unfortunately, the nominees did not meet the criteria published in the call. Every effort was made to impartially verify that the information IATEFL Head Office had on its membership database was accurate and correct and it was this information that was used to determine that the nomination did not fulfil the published criteria. 

BESIG is also keen to ensure that the process of finding a new Coordinator is as inclusive and as democratic as possible, with members able to take part in a vote. Therefore, a second call has been opened and we would like to encourage any candidate who considers that they fit the current published criteria, to put themselves forward for nomination. If you would like to check your eligibility against the IATEFL database before submitting your nomination form, please contact 

The call has been extended to the 15th September 2017 as we are aware that it is currently holiday season for some of our members and we wanted to give all members the opportunity to apply. Julia Waldner, who is still within her elected term as BESIG Coordinator, will continue to act as BESIG Coordinator until a replacement is elected and in position.