2011 IATEFL PCE & Programme Day

The theme for the IATEFL BESIG Pre-Conference Event (PCE): Professional English Trainers: Where Are We Now? Where Should We Be Tomorrow?

The focus of the IATEFL BESIG PCE 2011 was our profession and our individual training visions and opportunities.

We train our students in communication skills in English for professional purposes. But how do we see ourselves? And, more importantly, how do our clients see us? These are big questions!

Are we teachers or are we trainers? Teaching and training seem to be very different – a teacher is ‘just a teacher’ whereas a trainer is considered to be a professional on a level with a business consultant or personal coach. Trainers get paid more than teachers – but is it just a label? Or is it just historical? Does this have to do with professional competence or is this view just a misguided perception? Are we seen as a true profession?

Do HR managers look at us running effective and essential courses, teaching communication skills and job-related vocabulary in English as ‘only’ teachers; while colleagues teaching the same skills in the mother tongue of the clients are considered trainers? Is that why we are valued so differently?

What’s the answer? Are we happy with where we are positioned or should we seek change?

Then, the way ahead. Do we need to blog, tweet and plug into the internet? Certainly, if these tools really enhance our students’ learning experiences: but not just for the sake of it. The white board and flip-chart may still have their place. How do we decide on the ideal balance?

Where we are now is a really important point to consider. But, crucially, where we should be tomorrow is an even more important one because it is about our future. And the future starts now!

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