BESIG Programme Day at the IATEFL Annual Conference 2014

The BESIG Programme Day will take place on Thursday, 3rd April 2014

The BESIG Open Forum will be sponsored by Cambridge University Press.

To attend the IATEFL BESIG Programme Day, you need to book your place at the IATEFL Annual Conference 2014 in Harrogate. You´ll find the online booking form on this page: IATEFL Annual Conference Booking

Session 2.1 (10.25 – 10.55) Workshop

Steve Flinders (United Kingdom)

The ingredients of effective international Human Resources communication

In this talk I shall propose a model for looking at international HR communication which covers language, professional communication, intercultural, interpersonal and leadership skills. I shall also present my work with one international HR team which involved both the diagnosis of the skills of each individual member and an analysis of the skills set of the whole team.

You can download the slides from this talk by clicking here


Steve Flinders is a director of York Associates. As a trainer, he is especially interested in international HR, political, trade union and public service communication. He is an accredited facilitator for The International Profiler, an intercultural profiling tool. His books include Leading People and Key Terms in People Management.



Coffee Break (10.55- 11.30)

Session 2.2 (11.30 – 12.00) Talk

Dana Poklepovic (Argentina)

Authentic business skills techniques

Today, learners expect a more comprehensive development of business skills in Business English courses. However, traditional activities are designed to teach the language of business rather than address the performance of these abilities. This interactive talk aims to provide insight into the use of business skills and to describe innovative activities based on well-known management techniques.


Dana Poklepovic has taught Business English for over 20 years in Argentina, Santiago de Chile and New York. She holds a PhD in Modern Languages (USAL), a translation degree (UCA) and the LCCI FTBE. At present she is working for the UCA Language Extension Program and is a member of the research team in Applied Linguistics. She also heads a language consulting firm that provides language and training services to international and national companies in Buenos Aires. Her current professional interest is to link Business English with related management and business disciplines through interdisciplinary material design and teachers’ professional development.


Session 2.3 (12.15- 12.45) Talk

Andrew Preshous (United Kingdom)

From academic corpus to business classroom: teaching appropriate vocabulary effectively

Identifying the vocabulary needs of business students and selecting suitable lexical items to teach continues to be an important issue in EAP.  This paper will report on a project aimed at improving the appropriate productive use of vocabulary of 3rd year international students doing a top-up degree in International Business.

You can download the slides from this talk by clicking here



Andrew Preshous has taught English in Greece, Poland, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the UK. This experience includes developing and delivering specialist ESP courses such as English pronunciation for Malaysian newsreaders and English for the hotel industry. He is now Senior Lecturer in Academic English at Coventry University and specialises in ESP and business English. His current research interests are vocabulary and subject-specific materials design for EAP. He is a CELTA approved teacher trainer and is also interested in teacher development. He has published a number of articles and an IELTS coursebook (IELTS Foundation, 2004. Macmillan).

Lunch break (12.45- 14.05)

Session 2.4 (14.05 – 14.50) Workshop

Gabrielle Jones (Germany)

Language for Building Business Relationships

This talk will raise awareness of the language strategies learners of business English should use in order to build better relationships  in their daily communication.  We will look at a variety of techniques for building rapport through language use and will demonstrate how effective active listening greatly improves professional communication.

You can download the slides from this workshop by clicking here

Gabrielle Jones has been designing and delivering tailor-made business English courses since 2000.  Now based in Germany, she holds a managerial position where she is responsible for assessing client needs, developing language and communication training concepts for regional and multinational organisations, as well as for the professional development of over 40 trainers.  She specialises in professional communication training as well as ESP and technical English and is a DELTA tutor. 

Session 2.5 (15.05 – 15.35) Talk

Rudi Camerer (Germany)

English as a Lingua Franca

Most experts agree that over 80 % of international encounters in which English is spoken take place in the absence of native speakers of English. What does this mean for the teaching of English? This workshop will address this issue in the light of current research and suggest practical ways preparing learners for using English as the global lingua franca.


Rudi Camerer comes from language testing. Today he directs elc - European Language Competence, a consultancy based in Frankfurt am Main working for international companies, ministries of education, chambers of commerce, publishers etc., which focuses on combining foreign language teaching with the training of intercultural competence. elc was awarded the European Language Label for developing concepts and teaching material in English and French for use in secondary schools. Together with Judith Mader he co-authored Intercultural Competence in Business English (Cornelsen 2012).

Session 2.6 (15.50 – 16.35) Workshop

Justine Arena (Brazil)

Tech-enhanced traditional storytelling in Business English

This session will present some practical examples of how a combination of traditional storytelling and digital/ web tools can be used to facilitate learning and teacher-student interaction and to enhance the learner´s business skills. The workshop will make use of the participants´ own stories and will reflect on the use of storytelling as a teaching tool in business English.

Justine Arena lived in Boston for 13 years, where she studied and worked. Now back in Brazil, Justine combines her international business experience with the teaching of English as a second language.

Coffee break (16.35- 17.10)

Session 2.7

Evan Frendo (Germany) (Talk -17.10- 17.40)

Teaching business English - Are we doing it right?

Research in corpus linguistics, genre analysis and English as a Lingua Franca is providing fresh insights into how we approach business English. I will first look at the characteristics of business discourse, and follow up with a brief discussion about the limitations of course books and testing. I will argue that we as a profession could do better.

 You can download the slides from this talk by clicking here

Evan Frendo is a freelance trainer, teacher trainer and author based in Berlin. He has been active in business English and ESP since 1993, mostly in the corporate sector. A frequent speaker at conferences, he also travels regularly in Europe and Asia to run courses or to work as a consultant, and has trained hundreds of business English teachers over the years. One of his current destinations is Chaozhou in China, where he is a Visiting Professor at  Hanshan Normal University. Evan has also published nearly twenty course books in the fields of business English and ESP, including methodology books for trainers such as "How to teach Business English" (Longman, 2005), as well as a number of books aimed at specific industries, ranging from “English for the Oil Industry I & I” and “English for Construction I & II”. (Pearson 2011-2012) to the recently revised “English for Accounting” (Cornelsen 2013). He has also instructed on the ESP module of the New School's MATESOL  programme in New York. Visit his blog “English for the workplace” to find out more.

IATEFL BESIG Open Forum (17.45 - 18.15)

sponsored by Cambridge University Press


The Open Forum is an excellent chance to have your voice heard and find out about SIG activities and other news. We will introduce the 2014 BESIG Facilitator Scholarship winner and announce the winners of the writing competition as well as inform you about upcoming events and awards. Take this opportunity to meet the committee and other SIG members while mingling over refreshments at the end of the day!


You can also download the slides from the workshop IATEFL BESIG Coordinator Marjorie Rosenberg did at the IATEFL Conference 2014 on "Writing Business English Activities" by clicking here