The 27th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference

14 – 16 November 2014

Sankt Augustin Campus, Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, Bonn, Germany

IATEFL BESIG are pleased to announce that the 2014 Annual Conference will be held in Bonn, the former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Bonn is a great choice for this event; it is a city with over 2000 years of history and a number of interesting attractions. The former capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn is both a charming old city in the romantic Rhine Valley, and also a forward looking modern city which is home to the United Nations and world-class companies such as Deutsche Post World Net and German Telekom. The conference venue is the Sankt Augustin campus of the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, located about 20 minutes from Bonn by tram. The university was founded in 1995 and is a young, dynamic university with modern, state-of-the-art facilities. The building itself is spacious and is regarded as a particularly energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction. Sankt Augustin campus promises to be an excellent venue for the 27th Annual IATEFL BESIG Conference, the most important global event for business English trainers.

We look forward to seeing you in Bonn!


Photographs from the conference to view (please do not download or use without permission):

Natalia Hebel's 27th IATEFL BESIG Annual Conference photographs (Dropbox)


Slides from conference speakers to view or download:

John Allison - Sink or swim: Teaching tips to help pre-intermediates stay afloat

Roy Bicknell - Adopting the tourist stance 

Rudi Camerer, Mike Hogan, Kirsten Wächter - Panel discussion: How much intercultural competence do business English trainers need?

Patricia de Griese - Effective feedback

Bob Dignen - Virtual teams and meetings: Investigating the conventional wisdom that face-to-face communication is better

Judith Ellis - Cambridge business exams (BEC) writing assessment B2-C1

Paul Emmerson - An adventure in e-learning and e-teaching

Sabrina Gerland - Developing business English materials for Japanese undergraduate students

Philip Gienandt - Teaching business English with videos: How to use videos in the classroom and beyond

Anne Hodgson - Let's talk Basis for Business: Building speaking and business skills at B2 and C1

Mike Hogan - Working in virtual teams

Gareth Humphrey - Talking business, one-to-one: Improving teacher-student interaction

Liz Jolliffe - The coaching approach: It could be totally different...

Gabrielle Jones - The power of persuasion: Influencing others

Scott Levey - Storytelling in business: Adding value to our clients

Vilhelm Lindholm - No classes, such learning: Experiences of in-house distance courses

Judith Mader & Rudi Camerer - Business English and the real world: Gender, power, hierarchy

Elena Matveeva - Teaching presentation skills in a digital age (Prezi)

Paula Mulanovic - Teach like TED

Patrick Mustu - Legal English: Devising appropriate content for teaching German professionals

Patrick Mustu - Teaching tax professionals in a national setting: The German example

Beth Negus - Climbing the linguistic ladder

Adrian Pilbeam - Negotiating internationally: Language, skills and culture

Emma Sue Prince - Qualifications for the business English teacher

Franca Poppi - Rethinking the ELT university curriculum: BEFL or BELF?

Marjorie Rosenberg - The relevance of NLP in business English training

Pete Rutherford - Learning to learn in the business English classroom

Pete Rutherford & Rob Szabó - Web meetings: On the design & implementation of an online meetings training pack

Pete Sharma - The business English course book in the 21st Century: Blending print and digital

Christine Sick - Creating your own online materials for e- and mobile learning doesn't have to be complicated

Andrzej Stesik - Business English: A journey for vocabulary to lexis

Julia Streuber - I know I can

Helen Strong - Ten practical activities for business English classes 

Mercedes Viola - What's the future of business English training in the corporate world?

Erica Williams - Those mad men ... and women (handout) 

Jennie Wright - HOT (high-order thinking) tasks for BE learners


The venue 

Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg/ Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences

Sankt Augustin Campus 

Grantham-Allee 20

53757 Sankt Augustin


You can download this map and instructions to find out how to reach the conference venue using public transport from either the Bonn or Siegborg train stations or from Cologne/ Bonn airport. 


Plenary Speaker - Jeanne McCarten

Jeanne has been involved in ELT in a variety of roles for almost 35 years. As a teacher, she taught general and business English, including in a leading car manufacturer in Sweden and business English at a tertiary level in a business school in France. As a publisher, she worked on business English listening materials before specialising in grammar and vocabulary. She was also closely involved in the development of the spoken English sections of the Cambridge International Corpus. Currently a freelance ELT writer, her main interests lie in applying insights from corpus research to language teaching, about which she has published several academic papers. She is co-author of the corpus-informed materials Touchstone, Viewpoint and Grammar for Business, published by Cambridge University Press.

 You can find out more about what Jeanne McCarten will be talking about in her plenary session in the abstract below:


The importance of lexical chunks is widely recognised and corpora enable us to investigate their frequency and use in different genres and contexts. In this talk, we look at chunks of varying length and type in a spoken business corpus which includes planning and problem-solving meetings, buying and selling, negotiating, etc., and consider how they are different from chunks in written business language. We discuss some of the functions these chunks enable speakers to perform and what chunks can tell us about the grammar of spoken business English. Finally, we will address implications for the teaching of business English.


To find out more about the sessions and speakers at the conference, download the sessions overview and full schedule below: 

Full schedule

Overview of sessions

Important dates

Early-bird booking begins: 1 July 2014

Normal booking: 2 September – 24 October 2014

Online booking is now closed, but you can still register onsite. 

Registration opens at 15:00 on Friday, 14th November or at 8:00 on Saturday, 15th November. Please note that onsite payment can only be made in cash (pound or euro).

140 GBP or 180 euro (IATEFL members)

170 GBP or 215 euro (non-IATEFL members)

13 GBP or 16 euro for evening reception (Friday at 18:30)


We have negotiated a special discount for six hotels in Bonn. To take advantage of this offer, please book directly with the hotel via email, fax or, if possible, directly through the hotel's website. 

Click here for the booking code you need to benefit from the discount and an overview of the six hotels. 

For more information about the hotels click on the hotel names below: 


IATEFL BESIG Event Coordinators

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Cornelia Kreis-Meyer


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