Details of how to take part in the award scheme are available here below.


Criteria for materials submitted for the David Riley Award are as follows:

1. The material(s) should

  1. contain an element of innovation
  2. be aimed at a business English learner or trainer
  3. be realistically usable by a learner or a teacher
  4. be complete in themselves, i.e. not require any additional materials or resources in order to be useable
  5. have a clear purpose and/or aims and learning outcomes

Materials submitted by individuals must be predominantly the work of that individual. If content is used which was produced by a third party (such as a newspaper article around which the activity is constructed), full references must be included and/or any relevant copyright must have been cleared. In the case of published materials submitted, it is assumed that any third-party copyrights have been cleared.

2. Further guidelines

  1. Materials may be for classroom use or for student self-study.
  2. Materials may be for paper-based or electronic use.
  3. There is no word limit, time limit (e.g. student study-time) or page limit to submissions

Submissions for the 2017 Award


The winner will receive 500 British pounds, a certificate and the right to use the David Riley Award logo when presenting their product.


The deadline for submissions is 15 September 2017.

Your submission

Please send a copy of your submission to each of the following judges:

Chris Stanzer
Clement Ohritski 12


Carl Dowse
Hattenheimerstr. 4
45145 Essen


Jennie Wright
Stresemannstr. 68
76187 Karlsruhe


2017 David Riley Award logo