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Ten plus one good things about an online conference

Csilla Jaray-Benn, one of the speakers at our 1st IATEFL BESIG Online Conference on 15th June 2013, has shared her reflections on taking part in an online conference with us.

Ten plus one good things about an online conference

Reflections on the 1st IATEFL BESIG Online Conference on Business English and ESP Materials   


1) As a speaker, you have massive support from the team (BOT) to prepare for the big day.

2) You can have a good night sleep in your own bed and have a comfortable breakfast without the rush.

3) You can start attending the conference dressed as casually as you wish and run downstairs for several quick coffees during the day.

4) You can feel the excitement and suspense of seeing people wearing their names as they enter your room. You actually know who your supporters or co-attendees are.


5) You can learn about the weather all around the globe before the serious business starts.

6) You can listen to a talk and speak at the same time. Something you would punish your students for :-) and you wouldn’t do in a conference room either.


7) You can interact with the speaker, and enjoy when your name is pronounced, meaning you said something worth their attention.

8) You can see what people are thinking about what you are saying. The feedback is immediate.

9) You are not alone, your moderator is behind you, helping you find your room, change your slides, say goodbye for you.

10) You have immediate worldwide coverage, and be really relaxed when your session is over.


Plus one

You can reflect on your presentation style, comments you have received through the recorded version.



Csilla Jaray-Benn