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Teaching Business English in the UK

This month we´re looking at what it´s like to teach business English in the UK and Glasgow in Scotland to be precise. In conversation with Claire Hart, the BESIG Web Coordinator, John Paul shares his experience of teaching business English at Live Language in Glasgow and also some teaching tips and resource ideas.



John Paul Smith has worked for Live Language in Glasgow for three years. Live language is a widely accredited and thriving independent school in central Glasgow offering English for Business, General, Academic and Technical purposes, as well as Foundation and Pre-Masters programs. John Paul started there by teaching Academic and General English before moving into Business English after about twelve months. He teaches a variety of people, from Engineers and Financial staff to University students and job seekers. 

Of late, he has been increasingly specializing in conversation skills for high level students in order to help them deal with the variety of question forms and idiomatic language they encounter in the workplace. 

You can contact John Paul by email: Johnpaul.smith@live-language.com


You can watch the video interview with John Paul here: