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    Vicky Loras is a Canadian-born Greek who teaches business English in the Swiss town of Zug. In this interview, Vicky talks to Anne Hodgson from the BESIG Online Team about her recent experiences at the IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium in Paris, which was the first BESIG conference she has attended. Vicky presented Word of the Week, a successful lesson idea of hers which introduces learners to a new word every week and allows them to explore it. The workshop was awarded third prize in the UCLAN first time speaker competition. Deborah Capras has given an overview of Word of the Week in her Business Spotlight blog (http://bit.ly/Nc7M3u) and Vicky has laid out her lesson idea on her own blog (http://bit.ly/N3GzPS). In this interview, Vicky gives us some more insights into where she finds her inspiration and how she puts these lessons together.

    Vicky is a very active social networker and blogger and is also involved with ETAS (English Teachers Association of Switzerland).

    Vicky Loras
    My name is Vicky Loras and I am an English Teacher, born in Toronto, Canada. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for almost fourteen years. For ten years, my sisters (Eugenia and Christine) and I owned an English School in Greece, The Loras English Academy, but I have now moved with my eldest sister to Switzerland, where I continue to work as an English teacher, teaching mainly Business English to adults. I also teach children and teenagers.

    I believe in teaching as an ongoing learning process, both for the benefit of the students and the teacher. For that reason I love attending workshops and conferences. I feel very motivated and inspired by them.

    I blog on education at http://vickyloras.wordpress.com

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