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  • Eric Halvorsen

    Eric Halvorsen
    Eric Halvorsen is Head of English Language Training at a French telecommunications firm. Eric has been in ELT for 8 years and has taught in Mexico City, Lille and Paris. He holds a B.A. from McGill University (Montreal) and an M.A. in TESL/TEFL from the University of Birmingham (UK). Eric is also a member of the TESOL France executive committee.

    Eric Halvorsen´s blog IheartELT can be found here.   http://iheartelt.wordpress.com

    In this interview, Claire Hart talks to Eric Halvorsen, an in-house business English trainer based in Paris, France. Eric gives us an overview of his teaching context and of the business English teaching landscape in France. He also shares his experiences of working as an in-house trainer and of completing an MA in TESL/TEFL by distance learning while continuing to teach on a full-time basis. Eric also uses Dogme, or teaching unplugged, in his courses and he gives us an insight into how this works in the reality of his classroom. At next month´s BESIG Summer Symposium in Paris, Eric will be giving a talk on task-based learning.

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