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  • Chia Suan Chong: Politeness, Pragmatics and her Journey in ELF

    The BESIG World Blog welcomes Chia Suan Chong. Chia is a General English teacher, Business English teacher and teacher trainer at International House in London. She is a twitter addict, an active blogger and a regular at ELT conferences.

    Chia presented an online weekend workshop on Politeness and Pragmatics in ELF in February 2012 (recording available here for members). This weekend workshop was very well-received by the fifty-five participants from sixteen countries who attended and also generated a lot of comment and discussion in the blogosphere about how politeness varies from culture to culture and how we, as Business English teachers, should be raising our learners´ awareness of how to interact "politely" in order to be successful international communicators.

    In this interview, Chia gives us some more insights into politeness, pragmatics and ELF in the context of Business English and gives us a preview of the presentation she´ll be giving on her journey in ELF at the BESIG Pre-Conference Event at IATEFL Glasgow 2012.  Chia Suan Chong blogs at http://chiasuanchong.wordpress.com.

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