IATEFL BESIG brings together teachers of business English, teacher trainers, teaching materials writers, and others interested in the teaching of English for business related purposes. The membership includes both native and non-native speakers, and with over 600 members from some 60 different countries, the largest proportion coming from Europe, we are attracting ever increasing numbers from North and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Benefits of Membership

IATEFL BESIG offers members and non-members alike a wide range of possibilities for continued professional development and networking. Our conferences, online events, such as the very successful Weekend Workshops and webinars, and the discussion list with over 1,000 have made an invaluable contribution to the global teaching community.

Members enjoy the following additional benefits:

We very much welcome non-members who participate in the conferences and online events we organize and who take advantage social media activity the SIG engages in. Membership does, however, bring a number of attractive benefits as well as offering still greater opportunities to be part of a extremely active and very supportive community of committed professionals.

How to join

BESIG is part of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL). To become a member, visit the IATEFL website and register here: Registration. Depending on the type of subscription you choose annual membership can cost as little as GBP 48.00. Don't forget to select 'Business English' as your 'Special Interest Group' and check the 'Free copy' button to receive your copy of the BESIG newsletter Business Issues and access to the benefits listed above.