General Privacy Statement

The privacy of our members and visitors is very important to us and as such, the Business English Special Interest Group of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL BESIG) does not share with third parties any information that you may voluntarily give us or is collected automatically during your attendance at any IATEFL BESIG event or by your corresponding with IATEFL BESIG by any means without your knowledge and consent.

You will have to give us personal information to attend an IATEFL BESIG event and, occasionally to attend an IATEFL BESIG on-line or virtual event. IATEFL BESIG will always offer you the option not to have your personal information recorded or distributed to fellow participants.

Any personal information supplied by you for administrative purposes will only be used by IATEFL and IATEFL BESIG. This will only be distributed to fellow participants if you choose not to opt out of this possibility. We will always offer you an opt out possibility. We do not sell or otherwise affect the transfer of any personal data to third parties.

Photographs, Videos, Interviews and other digital records

IATEFL BESIG is a learning and networking community. We assume that all participants at all IATEFL BESIG events are content to be photographed and videoed as if they are in the public arena. The assumption is that all photographs and videos taken and made on behalf of IATEFL BESIG whether commissioned by IATEFL BESIG or taken by participants may be displayed on the website or in physical IATEFL BESIG publications for PR and inspirational purposes. Once again, we do not sell or otherwise affect the transfer of any personal data to third parties.

Should any participant not wish to be photographed, videoed or in any other way recorded in any form whether digital or not, we state here that it is their responsibility to declare this wish to the coordinator of each participatory session. Unless an objection is registered at least five minutes before the start of each session, IATEFL BESIG, will assume that permission to record, as above, is implicit.

The communal areas such as, but not limited to, the exhibition area, refreshment areas and corridors are deemed to be in the public arena and limitations to recording in any form cannot be accepted by IATEFL BESIG.

Any recordings made by on or behalf of IATEFL BESIG can be made free use of by IATEFL BESIG in printed publications, by virtual display including the website, or by reference. This implies free use and does not seek to infringe intellectual, property or other rights which remain with the originator.

Changes To This Statement

If there are any changes or additions to the terms of this Online Privacy statement then we will post those changes here. Please revisit this page so that you will be aware of any privacy issues that may affect you.

Your participation in any and every IATEFL BESIG activity assumes the full knowledge and acceptance of our privacy policy as stated here.

If you have any query whatsoever regarding our general privacy then please contact us via the Contact us page on our site.